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Sketch commissions
I will draw your character of choice, whether it be your own character or from something you like. 

A headshot sketch is 5 Points 

A fully colored headshot is 10 Points 

Half body sketch is 50 Points 

Full body sketch is 70 Points 

A complete colored and inked drawing is 100 Points  


Please pay by donating in the donation pool. 

Don't rush me! Be patient! 

I hold the right to refuse anyone! 

If it's too hard for me to draw, don't get mad. 

What I can do: 

I can try to do humans, I'm not very good at them. Especially women. 

I can draw wolves, cats, werewolves, wolf anthros, foxes, and other canine animals. Perhaps even dragons and other creatures. 

What I cannot and will not do: 

I won't draw anything involving yaoi or yuri. 

I won't draw nudity or any suggestive material. 

I will not draw any fetish art, so don't ask! 

I can't draw backgrounds. 

And I won't draw anything demonic or anything involving BATIM. Don't ask why. 

Other than that, sky's the limit. 



Z-P The infection part 4
The last parts of the change were the muzzle. And as soon as the change was done, Lupus looked around in shock and confusion. He had infected a human being. But not just any human, this was the same boy who saved him from a bear trap not too long ago.

His gaze turned towards the young man, a few few away from him. He started to growl and snarl, remembering who that kid was. And it was then that Trent realized, he screwed up.
Okay, for those of you who don't know who this person is. She's the president of Lucasfilm. She become the CEO after George Lucas sold off the rights to Disney. Now, I know so many people have already talked about this conspiracy theory to death. But, when you really think about it. Does Kathleen Kennedy hate Luke Skywalker? I mean, Luke is my favorite character in Star Wars. And what she has done to him is just...wrong. I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the last Jedi. But, the biggest problem with it, was how they handled Luke. The decision to kill off Luke was both her idea and Rian Johnson's (I have nothing against Rian. I'm sure he's a cool guy). They're making way for the new characters and they are opporating under the believe of "letting the past die, to make way for the future." 

They could have executed this notion a lot better. And everytime they make a mistake with this franchise, they make up excuses. The way Kathleen is running things, is completely out of control. She has been getting into fights and heated arguments with directors, hiring and firing them left and right. She fired Colin Trevorrow, the original director of Episode 9. Because, he wanted Luke Skywalker to live. He wanted him to have a type of..."walking into the sunset" ending for the character. He would have passed the torch onto Rey so she could train the next generation of Jedi Knights. 

But no, Kathleen fired him over that. Don't you guys find that kind of suspicious??? That was a terrible decision getting rid of Colin Trevorrow. He had a clear vision, one that would have made the fans pleased and would have made Lucasfilm millions.

And to top it off, she doesn't even want Luke Skywalker to come back as force ghost. Why not??? Is she trying to piss everyone off more than she has already? Even the actor who portrays Luke Skywalker, has fought with Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson about all this. Voicing his grievances with how he was written. And whenever he spoke out about it, they threatened to sue him or just shut him up in some way. The way she's running things is all over the place. The franchise couldn't be in worse hands than what it is. Say what you want about George Lucas and his prequels. But he at least had a clear idea of what he was doing. He had a beginning, a middle and an end. And not once did he speak out against us fans, insulting us, nor did have pander to the audience to get with the times...I think. He may not be a good film maker, but he's a great business man. 

Once the rights were given to Disney, I was actually very happy to hear this. Because, we were getting new stuff and new movies. I was hoping to see some new and better content, I wanted them to do to Star Wars, what they did to marvel. But, they are completely missing the point. Especially Kathleen Kennedy. She does not understand what she's doing, and she isn't respecting the fans. And she deserves to be fired because of this. She's pushing this agenda of getting rid of the old and in with the new. We need someone who understands and respects both the fans and film makers alike. But, her and Rian are all like, "ha! Screw you guys! Haters gonna hate! What we say goes!"

I hope episode 9 will be even better than the force awakens and the last Jedi combined. Because, thanks to Kathleen. She has managed to split the fans apart and have even discouraged them from associating with the franchise. So yeah, thanks a lot Kathy! 

This isn't just another random film series you can take apart and kick around in the dirt. This is mother truckin' Star Wars! People are passionate about this world because it is almost a reflection of our world and its escapism. Unlike certain franchises like Transformers, who got cheapened by sequels. Star Wars comes back around the right time. Only when it needs to. But, now that it's run by a greedy person who only cares about pandering, it's starting to cheapen in quality. It's so damaged now, that it's going to be very hard to fix all of the stuff both her and Rian have screwed up. Never has the community been so divided and angered since the phantom menace. 

I hope employees and other people in charge of Lucasfilm will learn from this and try to do better. The state of things aren't looking too good, mainly for the movies. The TV industry is thankfully thriving with Star Wars rebels. And not once has Dave Filoni failed us. If anyone should be in charge, it's him. Especially because of how he handles story telling. Take a look at the clone wars and rebels. Then, take notes. 

Furthermore, don't you think we've seen enough of the original trilogy era content? As a kid from the 2000's who grew up with the prequels, I want to see more prequel content. Yeah, the prequels weren't that good. But, lots of good things came out of it. The clone wars for one. So please, stop counting on the original trilogy, stop being disrespectful to the fans and whoever works at Lucasfilm, and stop calling the fans misogynists. 

Just because they complain and point out something you all did wrong, does not mean that they're misogynists. Since you all are in charge, you should be listening to the fans and to your cast. Because we all care about these characters, we know them better than you obviously, and when they're not written properly, that's not our fault, it's yours. You keep shoving feminism, political agendas and other garbage down our throats whether you admit it or not, and you're ignoring the fact that Star Wars had equal rights to everyone a long time ago. I know some girls who look up to Han Solo and Luke Skywalker regardless of their genders. So, saying that the female audience has no one to look up to is a lie and it's very hypocritical.

You're pushing too hard for new female characters, giving them top billing, just to pander to the female audience, not realizing you already have a female audience. And because of that, you've nearly killed the fan base. You keep recycling the same elements from the original trilogy, and we need new stuff. You give us what we love, only to take it anyway soon after.

So, please. Find someone at Lucasfilm who is actually a fan of Star Wars and who actually cares about the fan base and what it's stands for. And hopefully, you can fix the damage you caused in the last Jedi. Killing the past is destroying your future. So, don't take the easy way out by executing old characters to make way for the new ones. That's not how you should do this. You should have had the old pass on the torch to the new like it was originally supposed to be. When you're making a decision, put yourselves in our shoes, think about what your doing and how it'll affect the fans, not just money.

In closing, please be more considerate to us fans. And stop trying to shove political propaganda, "girl power" and agendas. 

And one more thing, please make Finn force sensitive. You don't have to, but it would be cool and an awesome twist to find out he's force sensitive like Rey. And hopefully, he could learn the ways of the force and be trained under Rey since she is the last Jedi. It'd be a nice change in pace, having two young in training as the main characters. I'd rather not have Finn using a Lightsaber once and that's it. Try to stick with that idea, please?


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Chibi wolf Kota by jaegermeistro by Lucasfan375 Stop the Thanks by RejektedAngel

I love to role play.

I love making new friends, feel free to talk to me about

I'm a just a random dude who took interest in film making, art and animation. I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars and anything George Lucas, Steven Spielberg or J.J Abrams creates. Not really much to say about myself.

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